Find the Best Crane Ancillary Equipment And Accessories for Your Job Site

For high-quality crane trucks and crane hire look no further than Surf City Cranes in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW region. We’re proud to provide one of the biggest crane fleets and offer a wide range of crane accessories to complement our fleet.

This goes a long way to ensure you can complete your construction projects to the highest safety and quality standards. With the right lifting accessories, we’ll make sure that you minimise downtime and get optimal performance from our cranes.

At Surf City Cranes, we have a variety of accessories available for hire. In addition, we offer you expert consultant services to help evaluate and assess your needs. This way, you are better placed to choose the right equipment for the job, whatever it entails.

Accessories Available

We have a variety of accessories available for hire, and with our expert consultant services to help evaluate and assess your needs, you can be sure Surf City Cranes will help you choose the right equipment for the job.

Pallet Forks

Our pallet forks are ideal for a wide range of projects. They rest between the escape wheel and balance wheel of various crane types.

Loading Bays

Our loading bays are perfect for a wide range of projects in commercial and industrial settings.

Block Cages

Transport blocks and similar materials safely by hiring one of our block cages for your construction site.

Rescue/First Aid Cages

Our first aid cages are ideal for transporting injured crew members safely from the construction site.

Flying Loading Bay/Cargo Cages

Transport cargo with ease by hiring one or more of our loading bay or cargo cages for your construction site.

Rubbish/Skip Bins

Keep your construction site clean and organised with one of our commercial-grade rubbish or skip bins.

Concrete Kibbles

Transferring the concrete needed on your construction site is simple and safe with high-quality concrete kibbles to assist you.

Spreader Bars

If you’re dealing with particularly large and heavy loads on your site, a spreader bar will ensure the whole process runs safely and efficiently.

Roof Tile Cages

Getting tiles up for roofing projects is simple and safe with our high-quality roof tile cages.

Brick Cages

For transporting bricks safely and efficiently, hire one or more of our brick cages.

Boat Slings

We have boat slings to fit all different makes and models of boats.

Forklift Slippers

We have a range of forklift slippers to help you adjust your forklifts to take on various tasks.

Equalising Sheaves

Equalise the tension of your ropes on your construction site with one of our reliable equalising sheaves.




Need Some Help Choosing Your Equipment?

Every project you undertake comes with a set of requirements to see it through successfully and as desired. At Surf City Cranes, we analyse your project to better understand your needs. We listen, understand and have the knowledge and expertise to make this a smooth process.

Members of our highly experienced team have an average of 10 years experience in the construction field. They can help to assist you with practical solutions and match each of your project needs with the right equipment and accessories. This follows an in-depth process in which an expert consultant from Surf City Cranes will review your requirements with your project managers. This helps you decide what will work best on your job site.

Our services are in line with our aim to help you make high-value choices that lead to excellent productivity.

Through our extensive range of crane accessories and ancillary equipment, you’re assured of receiving all you need.



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