4 Features to Look for On Your Crane

18th October 2016

The most basic issue to consider when selecting a crane for your business is the range of operational features and options the crane offers. In many business scenarios, a crane may need to be both a heavy lifter and an onsite workhorse that operates in multiple roles.

The good news for businesses is that the current generation of mobile cranes includes a vast range of capabilities. Even if you don’t know much about cranes, you will be able to find the perfect crane for your job, and get the technical support and assistance you need, as well.

Understanding the Very High Values of Cranes On the Job

Cranes are typically used as problem solvers, providing very high levels of efficiency onsite. Mobile cranes, in particular, are useful in their ability to manage heavy loads and manage the transport of goods and materials on site.

This is where crane features and capabilities are so important. Modern cranes have accessories that allow them to perform a very broad range of tasks. A single crane, in fact, can drastically reduce costs and improve workflow exponentially, with the right features.

Crane Features to Look for

Important crane features include:

  1. Load capacity – A crane which can manage all loads involved in your work is a must. A single vehicle on a construction site, for example, can handle bricks, supports, roofing materials, plumbing materials, prefabricated elements, and essentials like concrete and other materials.
  1. Mobility – The new generation of all-terrain cranes are designed to provide mobility and flexibility in onsite operations. They can provide the heavy lift capacity where and when it’s needed onsite. Mobile cranes can be selected according to size and even four-wheel-drive capacity when you need high-grunt power on a difficult worksite with rough terrain.
  1. Specific features – Modern cranes include a range of accessories which can be used to manage different types of loads. If for example, you need brick cages, or other materials handling capacity, it’s a very simple matter to simply specify which features you need.
  1. Multitasking – It’s quite easy to get all the features you need on one crane, too. You can use your crane for quite different tasks, simply by selecting the features you need. This is an obviously good economic approach to managing workloads, and also greatly simplifies handling processes.

Talk to the Professionals about Your Needs

It’s a good idea to consult with your crane hire service about the features you need. You may have a good general idea of what’s needed, but with new features being developed all the time, the advice of a professional may provide new solutions.

A good crane hire service will carry out a site assessment, and be able to provide you with a virtual shopping list of the best features for the job. This saves you time and money while also preventing possible problems.

For your crane hire needs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, talk to rough terrain.