What is a Telehandler Crane?

10th August 2020

What You Need to Know About Telehandler Cranes

With so much versatility required on a construction site, builders and architects need access to a variety of cranes and machinery. A popular machine in the crane hire industry in Australia is a telehandler – a versatile lifting machine with an impressive suite of capabilities.

In this article from Surf City Cranes, we’ll take a look at the telehandler crane in more detail to help you determine if it’s the best solution for your project.

What is a telehandler crane?

A telehandler crane, such as the Manitou Telehandler from Surf City Cranes, is a piece of hydraulic machinery that’s highly utilised in the construction, manufacturing and agricultural spaces.

It comes complete with a telescopic boom attached, that is able to extend forwards and upwards, providing some of the properties of a forklift truck. A telehandler brings versatility to the site; users are able to add appropriate attachments to the boom – such as a fork, a bucket or a winch.

How do telehandler cranes work?

A telehandler crane brings the power of a forklift, a crane and work platform all in one machine. It works on a simple hitch design that enables the operator to quickly and safely change attachments and equipment on the end of the boom, to suit a variety of jobs. The most commonly used attachment is the fork carriage, but there are many others to suit a range of requirements.

A crane jib attachment converts the telehandler into something similar to a pick-and-carry crane, so operators can lift and move heavy loads around sites. For looser materials, such as water and sand, we recommend adding a bucket to the crane’s extendable boom.

Telehandlers have features that make them appropriate for a range of terrains, and they can carry out large jobs that would usually require multiple machines for completion. Many use computer sensors to help operators monitor the vehicle, adding an element of safety that warns the operator when the limits of the vehicle are about to be exceeded.

What are telehandlers used for?

Building managers may choose to bring telehandlers on site to complete a variety of tasks, thanks to their impressive efficiency and ability to operate in all kinds of conditions. With minimum time and effort required thanks to the quick hitch feature, you may be able to get jobs done quicker and easier than before.

Telehandlers are most commonly used for the following applications:

  • To lift and handle pallets (via pallet forks)
  • To install frame trusses
  • To lift other heavy goods such as concrete blocks, steel bars, timber and packaged goods
  • To move loads from and to places that are unreachable for a conventional forklift

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