Types of Cranes You'd See in a City Skyline

11th February 2019

Types of Cranes You’d See in a City

Cranes play a crucial role in any major construction. As a result, they are a common sight in big cities like Brisbane or the Gold Coast – cranes can be found perched on top of buildings or on the street as mobile crane trucks all throughout the year. They come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the kind of job it is being used for. Below we look at common cranes you may come across in the city.

Franna Crane

Franna cranes are mobile cranes designed to be able to pick up and carry loads and transport it to its destination. They are compact and have a powerful articulating arm. This makes them handy for travelling to and from warehouses and job sites as well as manoeuvring around city streets.

Whether you want to lift a jacuzzi onto your deck or transport building materials, Franna cranes are excellent for accurate, tight access lifts. They can come in 12-15T, 16-20T or 25T capacity. Generally used for smaller jobs, they have a smaller load capacity than other types of cranes.

Rough Terrain Crane

Some job sites feature hilly, rough terrain. When dealing with unpredictable surfaces, rough terrain cranes ensure loads can safely be transported and lifted on site. These cranes are optimised for working on rough terrain with heavy duty wheels and high ground clearance. Their compact frame and mobility also allow them to access and perform work in tight access areas. Rough terrain cranes are a crane truck alternative to crawler cranes, allowing them to drive to and from job sites.

All Terrain Crane

All terrain cranes are a combination of a standard mobile crane truck and a rough terrain crane. All terrain cranes come with the manoeuvrability of a rough terrain crane, meaning it can travel on any surface. This makes them extremely versatile. All terrain cranes are also some of the most powerful cranes available with loading capacities ranging from 35T all the way to 130T.

Tower Crane

A common sight on any city skyline, tower cranes are a modern form of a balance crane used to construct skyscrapers. They are generally fixed to the ground, which gives the height and lifting capabilities required for constructing tall buildings.

Hiab Truck

Hiab trucks or vehicle loading crane is an all-terrain truck with a powerful lifting crane mounted onto the tray of the truck. This versatile vehicle allows you to carry big loads on a flat tray and then load them up using the crane which sits at the front of the tray. Stabilisers extend from either side of the truck during operation to steady the crane’s foundation and ensure crane safety. These mobile crane trucks have a lifting capacity of 25T and have an extendable full powered boom length of 18.4 metres.

Crane Hire – Gold Coast and Brisbane

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