Safely Securing Your Construction Site

11th February 2019

Safely securing your construction site at the end of the day may be the difference between peace of mind and getting a call the police because someone broken into your building site. Hired equipment can also be stolen or damaged at insecure sites, which will cost your business significant capital, particularly if a massive all terrain crane is disabled. This article will discuss some tips for safely securing your construction site so that you’re covered your back in the event of an unwanted entry.

Use Signs as Visual Deterrents

Visible signs on the outside of your building site which state warnings like “Trespassers will be Prosecuted” and “All Visitors must be Inducted” is the first line of defence in keeping your site safely secured. Follow WorkSafe guidelines to avoid potential insurance nightmares.

Utilise an Overnight Security Guard or Patrol

For most residential construction sites, this practice is total overkill. However, for critical commercial or city-based developments, it can be important to have security personnel on the premises 24 hours a day, or at least on call. Given the damage and disruption that can be caused by trespassers, and the cost associated with pushing back construction timelines, it may sometimes be necessary to hire an entire team of security to monitor your construction site and prevent intrusions.

Listen to Your Hire Providers

High class professional machine hire companies will have a series of conditions associated with the hire of their property, including guidelines or specifications about how their property must be secured when not in use. These conditions are a part of your legal requirements to be protected by insurance and should be adhered to so that, in the event of any damage or theft caused by trespassers, you are covered. Crane hire can carry significant risk if the crane is not shut down correctly, as trespassers may decide to climb the crane.

Use Security Fences and High-Grade Locks

Determined criminals will be able to access virtually anywhere they want with tools such as battery powered angle grinders and crowbars. To prevent this, the easiest thing to do is put up fences and stop easy access by making sure machines and toolboxes are locked, keys are not left in the ignition, and nothing extremely valuable is visible or accessible from the street.

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