At Surf City Cranes, we are a one-stop shop for crane hire, equipment, and accessories to help keep construction sites in Brisbane running efficiently and safely. We have an extensive and varied fleet of cranes available for hire, including our Rough Terrain Cranes. Choose from five Rough Terrain Cranes and allow our team to help you determine whether they’re right for you or if one of our other cranes would be the better choice.


Advantages of Rough Terrain Cranes

When it comes to crane hire, you want to ensure you pick the right equipment for the job. Our experts at Surf City Cranes offer free site inspections to help you determine what cranes are right for you. If you’re looking at Rough Terrain Cranes, some of the advantages include:

  • it’s designed to work and manoeuvre over surfaces that may limit smaller wheels or machines
  • their wide wheelbase and large engine allows them to take on heavy duty construction work
  • they are more stable than other cranes thanks to their wide centre of gravity
  • if you’re looking for the best control, it’s hard to compete with their tires
  • they have all wheel drive and easy steering that allows you to take on even the roughest of surfaces.


Disadvantages of Rough Terrain Cranes

There are a few disadvantages that come with Rough Terrain Cranes depending on the job you’re taking on.

  • these cranes can’t be driven on public highways with other traffic, so public construction sites may not benefit from Rough Terrain Cranes
  • the driver’s right and left view is often blocked by the lowered boom of these cranes, so if not handled carefully, they can lead to serious accidents.


If you would like to hire one of our five Rough Terrain Cranes, give us a call on 0402 269 535 or contact us via our online form today.