Plan It Out Before You Build It

18th May 2018

Plan Your Crane Hire Needs before You Build

When starting a building project, the sheer amount of documentation, approvals and critical planning can be overwhelming. When you’re snowed under with paperwork, it’s helpful to have your major machine hire needs thoroughly planned out. When hiring a crane, getting the logistics right is extremely valuable. If you’re not familiar with the logistics of crane operations in construction, we’ve put together a few brief pointers.

Important Crane Hire Considerations

Depending on the type of construction, you may need multiple cranes, including big handling cranes and agile mobile cranes to move materials on-site. Crane load capacity is very important. Some construction materials can be extremely heavy and require specialised machines. Knowing the crane load capacity you need is critical.

On-site issues may include difficult access, unstable ground and the need to move materials around the site during different construction stages. You need to hire the right cranes to manage these issues.

Special crane attachments may be required for some work.  It is common for site managers to hire cranes and forget about the additional needs under the burden of so much planning. They naturally find themselves unable to complete work. Timeframes blow out, costs rise and subcontractors become aggravated.

Crane accessories, such as skip bins and brick cages, deliver positive workflow on building sites. You need to plan for these requirements, too.

Planning Your Crane Hire

You can see why planning your crane hire is so important. The good news is that planning can be quite easy if you follow these steps.

  1. Check your crane capacity requirements. It’s safest to hire cranes that can lift more than the maximum weight of on-site materials. Failing to do so can be a safety issue.
  2. Check the terrain and site layout. An all-terrain mobile crane can safety squeeze into difficult spaces, handling heavy loads in potentially risky areas.
  3. Make sure you have the crane attachments and accessories you need. Check with your crane hire service and ask about additional attachments. This way, you’ll receive the help and advice you need.

Ask Surf City Cranes for All Your Crane Hire Needs

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