Operating a Crane? You Need To Be Licensed

27th October 2017

Thinking of a Career as a Crane Operator? How to Get Licensed

If you’re contemplating a career as a crane operator, you’re making a great choice! This can be a very rewarding and truly fascinating career path. You can work on huge projects and even run your own business in a remunerative job that you love. Your services will be in high demand, too. Currently, there are about 15,000 crane operators in Australia and that number is expected to grow by up to 30% in the next few years.

Like anything worth doing in life, you’ll have to study, work hard and really learn this role. You’ll need to become an expert and a precisionist, operating some of the most advanced cranes ever made. The new generation of cranes is a big step up from the past with far more capabilities.

You’ll also learn responsibility in the most unambiguous form. Crane operators are the prime movers on many jobs, keeping the workflow moving. Crane operations are major components of many business operations and that’s why crane operators have to be very good at their jobs. That few thousand tons of material with won’t move on its own, after all. Your work is critical to project success.

Getting Your License

You may be surprised to learn that qualifying for your license is a practical introduction to your new career. Everything you learn at this stage is important because every aspect of the job requires focus and initiative. You have to be trained to a high level of competence before you can even apply for a license.

To get your license, you will need:

Good Study Habits and Practice

Training is highly structured and systematic. Your skills have to be spot on all the time in this job. Your training is conducted face-to-face, with experts helping you all the way. Appreciate the value of this training and really get to work on it. The more effort you put in, the better you’ll get at the job.

A Certificate of Competency from a Registered Training Organisation

This is a formal certification process. “Competence” really is the name of the game in crane operation. To get your certification, you must demonstrate excellent practical skills, across a range of operations in a specified class of crane. This is very demanding work, and this is also where your effort and hard work first pays off. With your certificate, you can apply for a license to become a crane operator.

A Completed Application

Having attained your certificate of competency, you can now apply for your High Risk Work license. The license is valid for 5 years and must be current for you to legally operate a crane.

Those few paragraphs represent years of training and hard work so be proud of your achievements.

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