Mix and Match, Which Accessories are Right for You?

24th November 2017

Mix and Match: Which Crane Hire Accessories are Right for You?

Crane accessories include a really wide selection of options these days. This huge range is the natural evolution as modern cranes add capacities and new capabilities. Mobile cranes, for example, have a lot of new features as well as their on-site agility and excellent lift capabilities. In this article, we’re taking a look at the options available when you hire a crane.

Decisions, Decisions – Which Accessories Do You Need?

It’s a good idea to take a long look at the possible values of your accessories. Crane hire involves a number of operations, too, so it’s best to make sure you have everything you need.

The “shopping list” approach is the best way to consider your needs. Have a look through these options and decide which ones will help your project.


This range includes flying loading bay and cargo cages, brick cages, block cages, roof tile cages, and rescue or first aid cages. The mix of bulk handling operational needs and basic safety options does need to be addressed systematically and thoroughly.

Rubbish and Skip Bins

These are on-site essentials for managing materials, so how many do you need, and what sizes do you need? You can use your on-site disposal assessment of operational needs to compare choices.

Concrete Kibbles

In any construction role, size and capacity of concrete kibbles will define the workflow. Homework is required for this choice of accessory, and a good informative talk with your suppliers can deliver real value.

Spreader Bars

Spreader bars are also essentials for handling a vast selection of different loads. Explore your accessory options carefully and you’ll find exactly what you need.

Pallet Forks

The pallet fork is the workhorse on just about every site in so many roles. If you’re using pallet forks for your job, be fussy and explore the new pallet forks coming on the market. They can deliver excellent capacity and workflow.

Forklift Slippers

Good slippers are always very useful. You can get the perfect slippers for your forklifts to manage any load.

Equalising Sheaves

A critical part of load management and rigging, equalising sheaves must be chosen according to specific operational criteria.

Loading Bay Accessories

What is the best mix of cranes and accessories for your loading bay? Can you get better business value with an enhanced range of capacities and handling abilities?

Boat Slings

These slings are major value accessories and you need a good sling to carry a valuable boat. Be sure to check out the new high-capacity frame boat slings, in particular.

Sourcing Your Crane Hire Accessories

The best place to source accessories is from a local supplier with a good range of the latest new products coming on the market. These suppliers are both up-to-date with their technologies and able to assist with specifications, load needs and practical solutions.

Meet Surf City Cranes, Your New Supplier

Surf City Cranes have a full range of accessories for you on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, including skip bin hire and every product mentioned above. We have the latest equipment and professional staff on-hand to help you with your product selection. Just call us on 0421 665 654 or 0402 269 535 or contact us online and ask about your project needs.