How Many Cranes Do You Need On-Site?

24th August 2020

Multi-crane construction sites take extensive planning, to not only ensure projects are economic, but also efficient and safe for all operators and workers. There is a range of factors to take into account when determining how many cranes you need for your upcoming construction or manufacturing project, to achieve maximum success.

From tower cranes to mobile cranes and telehandlers, most large projects require a variety of cranes – which are available for hire from Northern NSW, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with Surf City Cranes. To start the planning process, we’ve laid out some jumping-off points so you can figure out the number of cranes that would be optimal for your project.

How to assess your site

The optimal number of cranes comes down to a number of key factors, including:

  • The size and layout of the site – you can increase productivity rates on larger sites by opting to use multiple cranes. One major deciding factor for the number of cranes should be site access – the cranes should be able to easily access all parts of the building or site, as well as the road and materials.
  • The materials being used – what materials need to be lifted and moved during the project? All cranes have their own affordances, with some being good for their agility and others being necessary for their strength.
  • The height of the building project – certain cranes may be limited in their reach, due to the structure of their boom. For this reason, you may need to hire one large crane and one smaller one, to ensure operations run smoothly at all levels. 
  • Any potential hazards – examine your site for any potential hazards; check for places where cranes might collide or interact with other vehicles, and look out for fixed structures like overhead electric lines that could be obtrusive.

Discuss your requirements with an expert crane rental company

All operations should be carried out using leading quality equipment and in adherence to strict safety regulations. When planning a project that requires mobile cranes in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, the most effective first step is to discuss your requirements with an expert crane rental company.

At Surf City Cranes, we’re committed to maintaining complete crane safety, and our professionals each possess an average of ten years’ experience in the industry. We can visit your site to accurately and diligently assess your requirements and provide our expert advice, to make sure you get the value you expect from crane hire with us – so you can complete your project as seamlessly, efficiently and safely as possible.

Get in touch with Surf City Cranes

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