Manitou Madness - Why You Need One

22nd March 2018

Manitou Madness – Why You Need One

The Manitou brand is famous for versatility, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the Manitou telehandlers range. Telehandlers are high-value machines on any site. They deliver the added reach and capacity to achieve excellent cost-efficiencies for businesses at all levels of operation.

The Manitou telehandlers come with the new articulated arms which can carry practically anything, anywhere. It’s fair to say that this new range is taking the market by storm, delivering excellent values across the board.

Manitou Range Overview

The new Manitous have many benefits. They are:

  • agile – these machines are excellent in tight spaces and on difficult terrain, requiring little space
  • tough – these precision instruments are able to deliver the sort of power and high-grunt performance you need in any environment
  • versatile – with a number of attachments and capabilities, these machines are tool boxes on wheels

Another standout feature of the Manitou range is that they deliver measurable, cost-efficient values. If you’re trying to find a machine that can be hired and instantly put to work on a myriad of tasks, they’re a perfect choice.

Manitou for Businesses

The Manitou telehandlers are game changers for businesses. They’re good examples of the generational shift towards much higher operational efficiency, in turn, creating business opportunities.

Your Manitou can give your business easy access to additional jobs. These machines are cheaper to run and they can prove their capabilities in any role. If you’re looking for business values, your Manitou will deliver an impressive cost base which will allow you to be even more competitive.

The “top brand factor” is another major business consideration. Top brands always have better, far more efficient, services. The Manitou telehandlers are well-supported for services in the market. Like all major brands, support is always available whenever you need it.

Selecting Your Manitou

Take a little time to really explore the Manitou range. Talk to the experts and find out more about their extensive capabilities. Talk to Manitou operators. The really experienced operators will tell you that the Manitous are a step up in all aspects of operation.

Need a Manitou on The Gold Coast or Brisbane?

Surf City Cranes have your Manitou ready and waiting for you right now on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Talk to our experts about Manitou telehandlers and crane accessories, and we’ll give you all the practical help and advice you need.  Call Surf City Cranes on 0421 665 654 or 0402 269 535 or contact us online and let us find you the perfect Manitou for your work.