What to Look for in Your Crane Rental Company

28th June 2020

Finding the right crane or cranes for the job adds much-needed quality and efficiency to your work. When you want to hire a crane in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, choose a company that can guarantee leading services and performance.

When making the decision, take into account aspects such as background, experience and reputation. To help you find the best crane rental companies in your area, ask yourself the following questions recommended by the experts at Surf City Cranes.

What certifications do they hold?

Before signing a contract with any potential mobile crane hire companies, research their ISO accreditations to confirm that the organisation adheres to high quality, safety and environmental standards. A company that performs to a high industry standard cares about its reputation and therefore is dedicated to maintaining the safety and functionality of their cranes, trucks and other ancillary equipment.

Have you checked their reviews?

It’s important that you look for a professional company with a stellar reputation and fortunately, you can now access almost all of the information you need online. Conduct review checks on Google and the company’s Facebook page, so you can get a real-life insight into how the organisation works with people like you.

Do they offer competitive pricing and flexible renting terms?

Moving projects are common to the construction industry, so it’s vital that you work with a company that understands this. Make sure that price isn’t your primary motivator – as you don’t want to compromise on quality – but as a client, you should feel that the crane services you receive are good value for money.

Work with a flexible company that understands your requirements and goals, and only promotes services that are relevant to your project. Talk to any prospective providers about their flexibility when it comes to renting terms and conditions, and make sure their cranes are fully insured.

Do they have the right fleet for the job?

Whether you need large or small crane hire in Brisbane, on  the Gold Coast, in Norhtern NSW, you need to work with a company that has an extensive crane fleet with a range of equipment for all types of projects. Ensure the company has the latest equipment and vehicles, but also that they’re committed to maintaining them.

The best companies will have the capacity to ensure you can complete large and small projects seamlessly and quickly.

Find out more about Surf City Cranes

We urge project managers, builders and anyone else searching for leading crane hire to choose a well-known provider that can discuss their success on similar projects – and has the reviews and accreditations to back up their statements.

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