Is Hiring a Crane Right for You?

23rd August 2016

Cranes are extremely versatile vehicles, adaptable to almost any role in any workspace. There is a vast range of cranes and accessories available too, meaning you can alter your machinery according to your needs.

Do You Need a Crane?

If you’re unsure of the type of crane you need, or whether a crane is suitable for your needs, it’s a good idea to focus on specific tasks and onsite needs.

You can create a simple checklist to help you decide:

  • Construction industry – Cranes and used to manage and position very heavy loads on-site. All-terrain cranes can move tonnes of materials in one or two loads. Small cranes are also used in residential and commercial building to assist in the fast, efficient movement of materials on and off construction and demolition sites.
  • Shipping industry – Cranes are the default choices for loading, unloading and handling shipping containers, heavy goods and materials, machinery, and similar large loads.
  • Vehicle industry – Cranes are typically used for offloading ships, particularly for heavy vehicles like large trucks and other complex loads.
  • Multiple roles – Cranes can be fitted with accessories to perform many different tasks. If you need to move large prefabricated materials on site, for example, a crane can be easily fitted with lifting attachments to move the materials safely and quickly into position.

Choosing the Right Crane for Your Needs

Depending on your needs, you can select the right crane for the job according to:

  • Capacity – The load capacity is a good guide to the basic size and type of crane you need.
  • Handling requirements – You may need your crane to carry out multiple tasks, requiring accessories and mobility options for moving materials onsite.
  • Workspace environment – You can get a crane which is the right size for the workspace, too.

Costs, Consultants and Cost-Efficiency

In the modern market, you can hire a crane to suit your operational requirements and your budget quite easily. This is an extremely competitive market, and the market leaders price their services to deliver cost-positive benefits for their clients.

You can expect to receive a budget-friendly quote, with expert guidance and consultation to assist you in choosing the right crane for the job. The top professional crane hire services also carry out site inspections to assist in the selection of the right crane and assess your needs.

For example – If you’re working on a new construction site on the edge of a major city, you may need an all-terrain crane with a high lift capacity, some handling accessories and good on-site mobility for operational efficiency. Your consultant will inspect the site and offer you a choice of types of all-terrain cranes suitable for your needs, with an upfront quote for each choice.

Looking for the Right Crane in Brisbane and The Gold Coast?

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