Info Centre We Take Insurance Seriously

At Surf City Cranes, we believe that when you are planning a project that involves any type of heavy machinery, there are several things to take into consideration to ensure that the construction not only runs smoothly and on time, but to ensure that you and the crane hirer are fully insured for any potential risks that may occur.

Prior to hiring any of extensive crane fleet we strictly adhere to all crane safety guidelines for care and maintenance of the vehicles and guarantee that any person using the crane is fully insured.

Our insurance also includes being covered for any loss or damage to the crane while on your construction site. With many projects involving a range of tradesman and vehicles, it is essential that all care is taken to protect the machinery from the sometimes chaotic nature of a building site.

Along with making sure our cranes are covered by insurance, we also ensure that any person involved in the operation of our cranes is also fully insured, fully licenced, and fully trained in all aspects of relevant health and safety guidelines for safe work practices when operating a crane.

So as you can see, Surf City Cranes take the insurance of their crane fleet and crane crew seriously. There are no compromises when it comes to ensuring peace of mind for yourself, your staff or any person in charge of the operation of heavy machinery whether that be on a building construction site, a vacant block of land or removing a tree.

Surf City cranes take their insurance seriously and will do the relevant checks to make sure that when your crane is delivered to your work site you can rest assured that you will have been guided through all of the necessary legal requirements to ensure that your project runs smoothly.