The Importance of Crane Hire Insurance

10th November 2017

Crane hire insurance is one of the most basic business practices in crane operation. This insurance is your peace of mind, your high-value coverage when you need it and a defence against any possible risks in crane operations.

Risks and Risk Management

This is risk management in the best sense. The fact is that accidents happen and they can be catastrophic to businesses and people. The ability to handle risks of damage to property or injury to people is the top priority in good risk management. A single incident can potentially cost millions. That’s why crane hire insurance is so very important.

With Crane Hire Insurance

Your coverage is clearly defined. You know exactly what you’re covered for, and you’ve ensured that your high-risk issues are under control if any problems arise. Insurance is offered by specialists, and the insurance process is straightforward. You know what your insurance will cost.

Without Crane Hire Insurance

You may or may not be covered by other insurance, but can you be sure? If the risks aren’t covered, you could (and probably would) be held liable for damage or injury. Those risks are unlikely to be cheap, or easy to cover. Your other insurer, which probably isn’t a specialist, may say, most likely rightly, that you don’t have cover for that incident. This is an anything but straightforward issue.

You may not be too surprised to learn that businesses find themselves on the wrong end of the insurance situation more often than not. Non-specialised insurance is very unlikely to cover the range of risks in crane operation. If you don’t have specific insurance to cover risks, you stand a good chance of wearing high costs in a situation with no backup from your insurer. No business wants to be in that position.

How to Get the Crane Insurance You Need

The best way to get great crane insurance is to: 

  1. Source your insurance from specialist insurers in the crane industry. These insurers can deliver the coverage and all-risks type of insurance you need. They’re also very good sources of information about current risk management – another very practical asset.
  2. Talk to the experts about your risks. If you need help with insurance for specific issues on a job or operational risks, these are the people to talk to. They’ll find the solutions for you and will be able to get you up-to-date coverage of these issues. One of the classic situations for insurance is simply whether coverage reflects current needs, so that’s a very useful option.

The bottom line is that good crane insurance manages risk efficiently. Don’t go to work without it.

Looking for Crane Hire Insurance?

Surf City Cranes are your local specialist crane hire insurers on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. As a crane business, we do understand the risks and we do know how to give your business the coverage you need. Call us on 0421 665 654 or 0402 269 535 or contact us online and speak directly to our team about your crane hire insurance needs, we’ll be happy to assist.