How Are Cranes Transported?

11th August 2019

How are Cranes Transported? 

Cranes are present in modern cities and construction sites everywhere, but how does such large machinery get to the sites when there are other buildings in the way? Where are they stored? Is it possible to get a crane onto your site for heavy lifting you need done? These questions and more will be answered in this article.

Roadworthy Cranes

Many cranes are roadworthy and, if registered, can easily be transported by road to and from site on their own wheels. Particularly large roadworthy cranes may require escort vehicles and special transport permissions to be driven on public roads through cities, although the owners of such cranes can usually organise this without trouble.

Hiab truck cranes are a particular class of crane, which are essentially trucks with on an on-board crane system mounted just behind the truck cab. Such crane trucks are exceptionally easy to transport as they handle just like a normal truck with a load permanently attached. Having the crane unit just behind the cab is the most stable location for both unloaded transportation and balancing the crane during operation.

Franna cranes are capable of carrying a load while in transit and are usually licensed for on-road travel. Similarly, telescopic handlers, sometimes called telehandlers, are also capable of carrying a load while in transit, although transit speeds are typically quite slow. Depending on the distance these vehicles need to travel between sites, they can either be driven on roads or carried on trucks.

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are heavy all terrain cranes that are capable of self-transport, but move exceptionally slowly. These cranes are driven to sites on the back of a large truck and can then move into position over rough terrain.

Tower Cranes

If you’ve ever looked at a cityscape and seen a massive tower crane, you’ve probably wondered how it got there. Taller and heavier than most buildings, tower cranes are built on-site utilising mobile cranes before most work on-site can even be started. Tower cranes are brought onto a site in a series of parts, carried on large trucks, and then assembled by a crane team.

Kangaroo/Jumping Cranes

Kangaroo, or jumping, cranes are a specialist type of tower crane that sits on top of the buildings. They are constructing and ‘jump’ with every few floors that are constructed so that they are always on top of the construction. They revolutionised the high-rise industry back in the middle of the 20th century.

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