Hiring a Crane? What You Need To Know

06th April 2018

If you’re hiring a crane, you need to have a clear picture of all the necessary processes. You’ll need a good crane company to deliver the machines you need and any related services and accessories.

It’s also a good idea to do your homework on types of cranes, their capacity, and all the performance-related information you need regarding crane hire choices. The new cranes coming on the market are able to deliver excellent performance and solve a lot of operational issues, too.

Crane Hire Basics

Crane hire is pretty straightforward. There will be certain formal procedures you need to undertake, like the terms of the actual hire agreement, but these are usually quite easy to follow.

The hiring process is really quite simple.

Choose Your Crane Hire Service

This part of the hiring process is very important. Take a good look at every crane available from a hire service. If they have a good selection of the new cranes, particularly the new generation of mobile cranes, you’ve definitely found the right hire service. These new cranes are very economical, good on-site for a vast range of tasks and almost astonishingly productive on the job.

Talk to the Crane Experts

A quick conversation with your hire service will deliver real value. These experts will answer all your technical and business-related questions. Having a chat will also help you to find the perfect crane for your needs, quickly and efficiently.

Ask about the Hiring Process, Timeframes and Ongoing Rates

With top hire companies, you can solve all your hire needs while you’re checking out your new crane. Good crane hire services are specialists. They know all about the business realities, servicing needs and critical issues for their clients. Expect to have at least a few of your questions answered before you even get a chance to ask them.

Ask about Crane Hire Accessories

A good hire service will also be able to offer you a full suite of crane accessories in a single package. You can equip yourself for a whole project with a phone call.

Ask about Servicing Needs

All good crane hire services provide good backup with servicing arrangements. If they’re hiring out the new cranes, you’ll find that your servicing needs are built in. Although, just remember to ask about servicing so you know who to call and what to do if you need help.

Complete the Hire Agreement

This takes a few seconds, and you’ll notice the hiring agreement is very straightforward and easy to understand. Crane hire people don’t like fine print any more than other busy people, so most crane hire agreements are crystal clear.

That’s it. Now all you need to do is hire your crane and all the gear you need, and get on with the job.

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