Helpful Tips on Crane Set Up

23rd March 2016

So you’re managing a construction site in Brisbane and need to hire a crane. There is a bit more to it than just choosing the model that will best suit your needs and getting straight to work.

Your hire crane needs to be set up correctly so that you can get the most out of it. Also, more importantly, your crane needs to be positioned in and set up in such a way that it is safe to use and carries minimal risk of falling over or collapsing.

Take a Look Above

Prior to beginning any lifting with your crane, as you set up look up and check for aerial hazards.

Check Your Levels

Prior to starting any lifting operations with your mobile crane, check your fluid levels – oil, gas and other fluids need to be at the correct amount for operation.

Check your Foundations, and your Ground

Although some cranes are suited for all terrain or rough terrain, the angle of the ground plays a part in its safe use. Try to set them up on the most even ground available, and try to choose a model that has additional support and stabilisers to help keep it steady.

Also, never position a mobile crane on soil that has uncompacted backfill, this is highly dangerous and unstable. You should never also place a mobile crane on the edge of an embankment for the same reason; it’s highly unsafe and dangerous.

Check your Position and Environs 

The location of your crane on your construction site is an important factor in its set up. Take a good look around at everything else nearby – structures, vehicles, scaffolding, site vans and anything else that it could potentially collide with and choose its location accordingly. You could also measure out from its maximum radius to really make sure of this.

Load and Lift Paths

Another factor to consider is the loading and lift paths of the crane. You’d hate for the operator to have to swing out wide to drop off a load and collide with a newly erected structure.

Correct Training is Essential

Only staff that have crane operation tickets should be allowed to set up and operate your mobile crane. It’s up to you to make sure that your people are qualified.

Turn Off the Cell Phone!

There should be no distractions in the cab of your mobile crane. Your operator needs to focus on the dangerous task at hand – lifting expensive equipment and material using expensive machinery. Any distraction could be at the best expensive and at the worst fatal – there needs to be a blanket ban on cell phones, music players and other such devices in the cab.

If you have any other questions or were wondering about other aspects of crane hire and set up in Brisbane get in touch with us.