Heavy Lifting - Safety Advice from Expert Crane Operators

15th November 2021

Heavy Lifting – Safety Advice from Expert Crane Operators

Crane and heavy machinery operation requires extensive training and years of experience, across a variety of construction sites. Brisbane and Gold Coast crane operators can make all the difference in preventing workplace accidents and streamlining operations. All of this has implications for worker safety and the bottom line.

Surf City Cranes works with some of the best crane operators around, and their depth of expertise is key to driving productivity on the construction site. Learn more with the key lessons our crane operators have learned and our advice on safety and efficiency on construction sites.

How to Manage Adverse Weather

Over the course of years in the industry, Brisbane and Gold Coast crane operators gain the experience to deal with the impacts of adverse weather conditions. There’s a number of conditions to recognise and steps to take, which is the edge that experienced crane operators bring over ones who simply have all the qualifications.


A strong wind can be dangerous when it comes to lifting loads. With turbulence, a sudden gust can swing the load, destabilise the crane and, in the most extreme cases, tip the crane over. Some construction sites tend to act as wind funnels, such as sites between high buildings, and experienced crane operators can recognise and adjust for the increases in wind speed as the crane load lifts higher.


Experienced crane operators know the insidious effects of heat on cranes. Direct sunlight on Brisbane cranes can damage electronics, cause components to crack, and clog filters with dust.


Cold isn’t any better than heat for crane functionality. Experienced crane operators know how to protect the hydraulic systems of Brisbane cranes, by operating slower when the hydraulic fluid is more viscous and less lubricating.

How to Keep within Capacity Limits

Every Brisbane and Gold Coast crane model has a maximum load it can carry. Pushing the crane beyond this limit can lead to damage that will hold up construction work and need repairs. Some egregious mistakes may not be covered by the terms of insurance contracts, driving up costs even further.

Experienced crane operators know how to stay within the operational capacity of each crane model, for various types of lifts, ground stability and weather conditions. To avoid costly delays or insurance claim disputes, lean on the expertise of crane operators.

How to Avoid Power Line Contact

Operating high, remote and often in windy conditions, Brisbane and Gold Coast crane operators need to be experienced in how to avoid contact with power lines. This is critically important, as a mistake can lead to fatal electrocutions.

Experienced crane operators can help mitigate this risk at all stages of their role, starting with identifying potential risk zones before the Brisbane cranes are even brought to a construction site. The risk zones can be on-site or along the access way that the crane will need to travel to arrive on-site.

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