We have four Franna Cranes available for hire at Surf City Cranes, and these are ideal for jobs that take place on public roads thanks to their manoeuvrability. We offer affordable Franna hire in Brisbane and our team of experts is always happy to help you determine whether a Franna is right for your specific task.


Advantages of Franna Cranes

There are several advantages that come with Franna Crane hire. They are simple to control and come in all different shapes and sizes so you can hire the crane that works best for you. Franna crane hire is advantageous for reasons that include:

  • working on public roads and highways
  • when you require a crane that has a fast set up time
  • when you require a crane that is flexible and able to access tighter spaces and areas
  • when you’re on a budget and need a cost-effective solution


Disadvantages of Franna Cranes

A Franna Crane may not be the best option for all jobs and job requirements. The most common disadvantage that Franna Cranes have is their inability to take on heavy lifting jobs. It’s not practical for Franna Cranes to be used when it comes to statue lifting, indoor lifts, and other related tasks. Our team will help you choose another crane if these are the kinds of job you’re hiring a crane for.


Expert Assistance

With an extensive fleet of cranes to choose from, you can trust that our experts will help you select the right one for your job. We have several options available in a wide variety of crane types, so whatever you need, our team will ensure you’re happy with your hiring decision.


If you would like to hire a reliable Franna Crane for your next project, give us a call on 0402 269 535 or contact us via our online form today.