Cranes - Why You Should Rent Instead of Own

27th December 2016

Cranes – Why You Should Rent Instead of Own

A crane is a large piece of machinery and that makes it a significant investment. There are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a crane.

Apart from finding the most appropriate one for your job, the most important step is deciding between buying and hiring. In this day and age, unless you need a crane for a long-term production line, hiring is the better option. Here’s why.

Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a crane is a massive undertaking. You will need to perform basic maintenance checks every time you operate the crane, as well as completing routine and major inspections. This can mean a lot of costs in terms of time, money and training.

If you’re going to use your crane regularly, then you might still enjoy long-term savings. But if you only need your crane for a short-term project, then the maintenance costs simply won’t be worth it. By hiring a crane, all you need to do is complete the pre-work checks – you can leave the lengthy and expensive maintenance costs to someone else!


As mentioned above, cranes are not cheap machines. You should only consider buying a crane if you have a very large construction project or ongoing work in your future.

If you only need a crane for one project or a short amount of time, hiring a crane is much cheaper, and simpler. 

Selling Your Crane

Selling a crane after it’s served your purpose can be incredibly difficult. Buyers want a high-quality machine that is in top working order. If your crane has served your business well, then getting it up to selling standard might prove challenging.

As well as this, many potential buyers will simply choose to rent, leaving you stranded with a crane you no longer need.

Short Term Projects

Construction projects are often short-lived and no two jobs are exactly the same. Even if you have several jobs lined up, one crane might not be able to satisfy your needs. This is where the flexibility of renting comes in.

When you rent a crane, you can get the machinery you need when you need it. You can always swap out the crane you have been using for another model and you never have to worry about being stuck with incompatible equipment.

If you have a varied roster of short-term projects, then choosing to rent will ensure that you always have the machinery you need.

Restricted Access to Innovation

In the technological age, incredible advances are being made continually. Hiring a crane means you always have access to the most up to date and advanced machines. When it comes to deciding between you and your competitors, technological advantage can make all the difference, especially in terms of deadlines.

A great rental company will always have modern options in its range and all their cranes will be meticulously maintained.

The benefits of hiring a crane far outweigh those for buying one. For the widest range of crane hire in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region, look to Surf City Crane’s extensive fleetContact Surf City Cranes for professional advice about your crane buying/hiring options.