Why Do Cranes Need to be Pressure Washed?

02nd November 2020

It’s important to us at Surf City Cranes that our cranes and heavy-duty equipment are well-maintained and regularly cleaned, to hold the high standards we extend to our customers. One thing that construction sites have in common is that they’re pretty dirty. This means that, when a crane renting period comes to an end, we must thoroughly check and clean our vehicles before hiring them out to the next person.

One effective method to clean all surfaces, nooks and crannies of cranes is through pressure washing. This involves the use of a high-pressure water spray that is powerful enough to remove mould, grime, oil, mud and other contaminants. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of pressure washing for cranes, and why the technique helps us to maintain high quality standards.

The Importance of Crane Maintenance

The thorough, effective cleaning of work vehicles is important for a number of reasons. Most notably, any build-up of dirt over time can damage the equipment and hinder its capabilities – which could then decrease its reliability on construction sites.

Essentially, the life of cranes and crane accessories is extended with proper care and maintenance. Leading crane hire companies in your area should adhere to a strict routine of scheduled, professional cleaning and maintenance – taking preventative measures to avoid issues and keep the crane running at peak performance.

At Surf City Cranes, we invest time and money into these processes, as we know it reduces downtime on the site and helps to keep our customers’ productivity at an all-time high. We achieve this through a strict routine of pressure washing, a process that is beneficial for the short-term and long-term performance of our fleet.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing for Cranes

Pressure washing is chosen for its numerous advantages, in both commercial and industrial settings. When it comes to crane cleanliness, we opt for high pressure cleaning methods because:

  • They’re an efficient way to achieve a thorough clean – we choose professional pressure washing to ensure minimal time in between crane hire for our customers. Delivering a fast, overall clean, pressure washing eliminates the need for scrubbing and more complex cleaning solutions.
  • Pressure washers are a leading industry method – high-powered washing is a leading choice for cleaning cranes and other industrial equipment where dirt, grime and other substances accumulate quickly. They achieve fantastic results in degreasing, sterilising, disinfecting, degassing and flushing away chemicals.
  • Environmental benefits – due to their efficiency, pressure washers can clean vehicles and even entire fleets in minimal time, reducing the amount of water and energy needed. Most pressure washers also use detergents that are friendly to the environment – or don’t use detergents at all.

Our Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Since our inception in 2006, Surf City Cranes has been dedicated to achieving the highest standards of satisfaction for our customers. We keep our cranes in great condition, so you can feel confident they’ll arrive on your site working to peak performance and functionality.

To find out more about our services, contact our team directly on 0421 665 654 (toll free) or 0402 269 535 and we’ll be happy to answer your queries or provide a quote.