Crane Maintenance, Why Is It Important?

20th April 2018

Crane Maintenance – Why Is It Important?

Cranes are big, tough machines designed to take the stresses of heavy loads and all types of weather or on-site issues. Modern cranes are precision, computer-designed instruments, built to deliver high performance. One of the reasons for the popularity of the new cranes is their extreme reliability and excellent productivity.

That being said, crane maintenance is a real issue that needs to be factored into any type of crane operation, particularly over extended timeframes. If you’re working on a project, the last thing you need is any doubts about crane safety and operational performance.

Cranes need to be maintained regularly to find possible faults, and this means all operational systems. Checks are systematic, going through the full spectrum of systems to ensure good performance. This includes all onboard and mechanical systems. These checks are highly efficient and they’re done meticulously using a mix of expertise, common sense and crane performance specifications as metrics.

We don’t want to dwell on the risks of substandard maintenance, but:

  • many quite unnecessary, and sometimes serious, safety issues with cranes are caused by a lack of maintenance
  • most crane operational problems can be easily avoided with regular maintenance
  • major maintenance problems cause downtime and can be very costly

Best practice for crane operation includes a range of in-house critical processes and maintenance to keep your cranes running at peak efficiency.

Operator checks

This is instant prevention at its best. A good crane operator can sense any problem with a crane before it turns into an expensive problem. They know when a crane isn’t performing as it should. Handling, movement, accessories and load management are typical indicators.

If one of your operators reports any issues, get them fixed ASAP. Don’t even think about waiting to fix minor issues.  If a crane drops its load, falls over or gets stuck, the cost will be excruciating. A service call can fix most problems and avoid the risk of expensive downtime.

Regular Maintenance

This is the only approach to crane operation. Regular maintenance will find and fix anything before problems arise. It will also make sure that your cranes are in safe operating condition and are fully compliant with operational and related safety standards.

Support Services

Best business practice is to ensure that you have all your support and maintenance services in place before you even begin operations. You should be able to get any help you need, whenever you want.

Trying to Find Crane Maintenance Services?

Whenever you want crane maintenance services on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, just call Surf City Cranes. Call 0421 665 654 or 0402 269 535 or contact us online and we’ll help you with all of your maintenance and servicing needs.