Crane Hire: More Than Just Cost Savings

14th March 2021

What to Look For in a Crane Service

Cranes have been vital components of millions of Gold Coast construction jobs, and now you’re in the market for crane hire too. But what if we told you that having a crane alone wasn’t enough? Modern cranes and crane services companies offer many different models and services that can change the way you look at your crane for hire. So, let’s take a look at some of the elements you should keep in mind.

Modern Technology

The crane you choose impacts your productivity – plain and simple. Matching your crane’s capabilities to your job requires a professional to point you in the right direction. Maybe you need a heavy lifter. Perhaps you need a small, agile crane for easy site access. Different brands use different terminology. A 55T class crane in Liebherr will lift more than a 55T class crane in another brand. Are you looking at the load chart? You might think you’re getting value, when you are actually paying more.

In addition to different crane models, there are also a host of accessories for your crane that can help you navigate tricky tasks. These can help you lift, transport, or cross rough terrain. You won’t know if your job requires spreader beams, pallet forks, loading bays, or concrete kibbles until you talk with a professional about your needs.

Project Management

Finding the right crane starts with a conversation, but the conversation shouldn’t end there. Your crane company should provide regular check-ins to ensure the equipment is still doing the job as initially discussed. Look for crane services that include expert assistance with the crane for hire. That way, you get equipment and support to help you complete projects more efficiently.

Proper Crane Maintenance

Imagine you are in the middle of lifting a heavy beam, and your crane stops running. Unfortunately, this happens all too often when you’re renting equipment from unverified suppliers. While you can probably get away with cheap equipment from an online ad for simple lawn maintenance, you need to vet your cranes for hire before you bring them on site.

It’s imperative to work with a crane services company comprised of knowledgeable mechanics. You want a guarantee that a mechanic has thoroughly checked your crane before it arrives at your site. Failure to get a proper mechanical check can delay and even destroy your construction job!

Adequate Insurance

If your crane for hire supplier doesn’t have adequate insurance, look the other way. Insurance keeps your job site, projects, materials, and people safe in the off-chance of a crane-related accident. It’s best practice to ask your supplier for proof of insurance to ensure you’re covered before you get the crane on site.

Gold Coast and Brisbane Crane Hire

Surf City Cranes is the leading provider of mobile cranes and crane services across the Gold Coast. We not only have the largest fleet of cranes, but we equip each crane with advanced tech to get your job done more efficiently. We offer project management consulting to match you with the right equipment, safety checks, and insurance to protect your job well done.

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