How To Prepare Before The Hire Crane Arrives

15th July 2021

Several steps need to be taken to prepare a construction site before a crane arrives. If you are using a crane hire in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, taking the time to prepare for a crane before its arrival will ensure a smoother delivery and quicker transition to the actual work taking place. Read the Surf City Cranes guide to what you can do to prepare the site before the arrival of the hire crane.

Have All the Paperwork Completed

With so much regulatory checks and balances, it’s important to make sure that all the necessary paperwork has been completed and is ready for the crane’s arrival. Take the time to eye over the contracts that have been signed between the construction site and the crane hire company.

Also double-check that the company is licensed and insured to perform the specific crane operation work needed for that day. Ideally, this insurance should extend across all personnel from the crane hire company who will be present on-site, not just the equipment itself.

Get the Access Points Ready

The crane hire company will already have done a thorough assessment of the access points to the construction site, and have a plan in place for how the crane can be safely delivered. In some cases, the crane hire company may need to reach out to other stakeholders for permission to deliver the crane to the site, or to ask about the voltage of the nearby power lines. Taking these steps sooner rather than later means less last-minute stress as the delivery deadline approaches.

Prepare the Crane Safety Measures

Having a crane on-site is an extra consideration for the existing personnel, to maintain a safe and efficient workplace with the arrival of this new equipment. The personnel will need some training around the roles and responsibilities of the crane operation crew, as well as information about how to keep themselves safe in the new workflow on the site.

Some of the new safety measures could include distributing and going over the updated safety plan, putting up safety signs, marking out new traffic zones, removing any obstacles or complications from the site, and conducting a risk assessment.

Conduct a Site Inspection

Surf City Cranes will send one of our experts for a site inspection, closer to the time of the crane delivery. It’s worth making a last check in the lead-up to the delivery, to make sure that the ground conditions remain the same and there are no new obstacles to move out of the way of the access point. As the weather can have a heavy impact on the safety of crane lift operations, this is another aspect that needs assessment one last time in the pre-delivery site inspection.

Brisbane and Gold Coast Cranes

Crane truck hire in Brisbane and the Gold Coast is no small task, and all relevant stakeholders should be aware of their role in the delivery and assembly of the crane. For a team you can trust, contact Surf City Cranes today.