The 5 Key Personnel Involved In A Crane Lift

30th June 2021

The 5 Personnel Involved in a Crane Lift

The crew that operates a crane has to be a streamlined and disciplined team, to drive maximum industry on a construction site as well as to keep the worksite safe. Safety is a critical aspect of crane operations as, not only is there a potential for serious injury or death, but a crane accident could also affect whether the construction project can go ahead and lead to extensive property damage.

To learn more about our Brisbane and Gold Coast crane service, discover the roles of the Surf City Cranes team below, from users and operators to site supervisors.

Crane Owner

As the crane owner, Surf City Cranes has the responsibility to follow all the crane safety guidelines for care and maintenance, so the machinery is supplied in suitable working order to maintain the safety of all on-site personnel. To this end, we supply all the necessary information you need for the crane to be used safely, and make sure that all our equipment and staff are fully insured while we are on your construction site. All personnel involved in the operation of our cranes are fully insured, fully licensed and fully trained, no exceptions.

Crane User

The crane user is the person who arranges the crane at the construction site, both at assembly and during ongoing crane operations. As the controller of how the crane is used at this particular construction site, the crane user has the responsibility to make sure that all other personnel understand how to safely work with the crane. They ensure the compliance and correct roles and responsibilities of workers in a crane lift, including that only qualified operators can operate the crane.

Site Supervisor

Providing a bird’s eye view of all the work at a construction site, the site supervisor makes sure that the work is being carried out as it should be. These responsibilities can be further broken down into: making sure the crane is compliant with all relevant regulations, such as inspection requirements, before it is used; confirming that the lift director and crane operator are qualified and insured; coordinating the crane operations with other work on the construction site; and making sure that the access points, ground conditions and weather conditions are suitable.

Lift Director

At a more micro level than the site supervisor, the lift director more directly oversees the crane operations and the work of the rigging crew. They are on-site for each crane lift, they make the call if conditions are unsafe and the lift needs to be postponed, and they make sure precautions are in-place such as traffic controls and other area preparations. They make sure that each worker involved understands their responsibilities and risks.

Crane Operator

The crane operator is the person who is operating the crane from the cockpit, to directly control the crane’s operation during a crane lift.

Crane Hire Brisbane and Gold Coast

A well-trained crane lift team is critical to improve on-site efficiency and reduce the risk of accidents. For the team best-placed to provide a safe crane lift experience, contact us today.