How Ground Conditions Can Affect Crane Operations

15th June 2021

So many factors can affect the ability of a worksite to be able to hold the crane. From the slope of the terrain to the firmness and compaction of the soil, these conditions are critical to making sure that the site is safe for crane assembly and operation.

When it comes to crane truck hire in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Surf City Cranes has the experience to access the safety and potential risks of a site. Read on to find out more about how we keep your site and operations safe.

Ground Conditions for Crane Access

Not only do construction sites come in all shapes and sizes, but they can also be found in any manner of locations, sometimes with awkward access points for large machinery. As the resident experts in mobile crane hire in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Surf City Cranes have deep experience in accessing the haul routes and slope of site access points.

This includes overhead hazards such as power lines that may affect the delivery and assembly of our mobile cranes. For any power lines around the access or work area, Surf City Cranes will plan around the voltage of the power lines in question, whether the equipment can maintain a minimum safe distance according to the voltage level, and whether zones need to be set up to maintain workers’ safety.

Ground Conditions during Crane Operation

It’s no understatement to say that the weight of a crane has huge implications for how to set up and operate it safely. Part of the expertise Surf City Cranes offers is to ensure that ground conditions stay stable while the crane is on-site, so that the ground is adequately drained, firm and graded to be able to bear the enormous weight of the crane.

Geotechnical engineering is a complex task that involves understanding the soil type, conditions, structures and groundwater levels, to determine important considerations such as whether artificial draining needs to be created. Even the weather conditions need to be monitored, in case they affect ground stability over the course of the crane operations.

The Impact of Underground Elements

Additional structures can affect how readily the ground can support the weight of a crane. Hidden elements that can impact the safety of crane operations include filled-in excavations and trenches, covered shafts and manholes, blank voids or softer material hidden under concrete foundations, networks of pipes, electrical wiring, cellars, basements and fissures. Expert assessment is necessary during the planning process, to make sure that the ground won’t give in suddenly.

Crane Hire Rates in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Though it may seem like an impossible black-swan event, failure to assess the ground conditions of a site can lead to catastrophic events such as a crane being overturned. If you are looking for excellence among crane services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, turn to the experts at Surf City Cranes. For the experts at understanding and monitoring how ground conditions can impact your worksite, contact us today.