How To Choose Which Crane To Hire

15th April 2021

Choosing the Right Crane for Your Job

The right crane plays a huge role in how efficiently your project unfolds. Depending on the nature of your job, you might need an expert lifter or prefer maneuverability instead. This article will take you through the steps necessary to figure out what crane you need and how to pick the right crane for hire services provider.

Finding the Right Crane

Doing a bit of background research to decide what type of crane you need for your project and budget can save you time when the project commences. While your crane provider should meet with you to determine if your choice of crane is the best, you can get a general idea from the following:

  • Hydraulic Crane: Used for heavy lifting projects
  • Tower Crane: Used for heavy lifting projects, large loads, and large job sites
  • Mini-Crane: Great for small job sites like docks, transportation, shipping, and warehouse
  • Forklift: Perfect for small jobs or moving materials indoors
  • Crawler Crane: Carries small loads up to a few thousand tonnes

Evaluating Crane Service Providers

Once you narrow down your search for a crane, it’s time to find the right crane service provider. While you’re conducting background research, keep the following conditions in mind.

Their Availability

Meet with someone from the crane service company to learn more about their fleet of cranes and if they have the crane you need. The best crane service providers go above and beyond and meet with your project manager to match a crane to your job. Not all crane companies provide both services so do your research wisely.

Their Insurance

Proper insurance covers your company and your job site if an accident occurs. Never rent a crane from a company that cannot provide proof of insurance from a reputable company. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for damages.

Check the Equipment

If you’re requesting a crane for hire from a crane services provider, you shouldn’t be expected to maintain the equipment yourself. Finding a provider with qualified mechanics on staff will ensure that the crane is ready to operate when it shows up on site. You can request to see maintenance records for your equipment and perform a preliminary check yourself to ensure you feel comfortable trusting the machine with your job.

Getting Your Crane in Brisbane

Now that you know what you need from your crane and what to look for in your crane services provider, you can go into your initial meetings with confidence and come out with the right crane for the job.

Surf City Cranes is the leading provider of cranes for hire in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area. Not only do we have the largest fleet of cranes to choose from, but we also take extra measures to help you find the most efficient and safest crane. Fully insured with 10 years of experience, we’ll assess your project and make the best crane recommendation.

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