Why Hire A Smaller Crane?

30th March 2021

The Benefits of Using a Small Crane for Your Construction Job

The bigger the crane, the bigger the power, right? Not necessarily. Depending on your industry sector and your job site terrain, you might be better off using a small crane instead of a large one.

Using mini-cranes for hire is a popular shift among contractors on the Gold Coast. Mini-cranes are ideal for industry sectors like docks, transportation, shipping, construction, warehouse, and manufacturing. Let’s dive into the benefits of using a small crane.

Ability to Perform in Small Areas

Modern mini-cranes have almost all of the features of their bigger counterparts, but they do it all in a much smaller package. Instead of getting all of the capabilities and accessories in one big model, they’re flexible depending on your needs. Talk to your project manager about what features you need from your crane.

Mini-cranes are ideal for working on small job sites or maneuvering crowded urban areas. You can efficiently move into alleys and move around features, whereas using a larger crane might require additional steps to avoid damage. This slows down the construction process.

In addition to moving construction materials, mini-cranes themselves are easy to move too. Most mini-cranes can be dismantled and transported on a truck from one area of your job site to another without a hassle. This is also an advantage for companies that rent one crane for two different jobs.

Flexible Power Options

Mini-cranes require less power than large cranes which means they also have flexible power options. Depending on the location and model, some mini-cranes run on either electricity, diesel, or gasoline. This comes in handy if you’re working on a job site that makes it difficult to access a particular source of power.

Cost Effectiveness

Since mini-cranes can easily show up to your job site and get the job done without extensive modifications, you usually save money on the rental. If a mini-crane is more suitable for your job, you can zip around the job site and complete tasks in less time than using a tower crane. Obviously, if you need the crane for a shorter amount of time, you save money too.

Mini-Cranes Are Still Super Powerful

Don’t be fooled by the small size. Mini-cranes still bring a lot to the table, and some can lift just as much as a tower crane can! Most mini-cranes have easy jib adjustments, multiple axels, and hydraulic power to lift heavy and move quickly.

Hire a Mini-Crane on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast and Brisbane contractors can satisfy all of your small crane for hire needs at Surf City Cranes. We provide cranes for hire and crane services with a guarantee of safety and insurance. With over 10 years of experience as the Gold Coast’s go-to crane supplier, we’re expert project managers and can quickly assess your project needs and recommend the right crane model.

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