4 Tips To Reduce Costs When Hiring A Crane

30th August 2021

As a significant expense for a busy construction site, it’s worth taking what steps you can to reduce the expenses to a minimum. Here are the top 4 tips from Surf City Cranes.

1) Choose the Right Size from the Beginning

Rule number one is to never lose money. Warren Buffet may have said that about investing, but the same sentiment holds true for choosing the right crane hire in Brisbane. By choosing the right size of crane from the beginning, this reduced over-spending on a crane that is too large or powerful, or having to fork out an additional expense to re-hire a more suitable crane. When choosing the hire crane, lean on the specialists’ advice on how to account for the load-bearing, reach and maneuverability requirements of the tasks and construction site.

2) Choose the Right Company You Can Trust

In a similar vein, choose a reputable Brisbane crane hire company that will deliver quality and value for money. A lower up-front price tag may give the illusion that a crane hire is cheaper, but if it leads to issues such as being poorly maintained or working less efficiently, this creates flow-on effects that disrupt the project’s ability to meet its budget and time constraints. When choosing where to source your hire crane, don’t just judge the crane hire rates but also the expertise, experience and insurance that comes with it, as this is what will have the final say on your bottom line.

3) Shop Around for a Crane Hire Package Deal

Does your construction site have a range of lifting requirements, with some tasks requiring raw grunt power and other tasks needing more reach or maneuverability? When shopping around for machine hire companies, look for a company that can hire out several machines such as tower cranes, mobile cranes and telehandlers. If a single company can supply all the machines with their associated licenses and insurance, this can not only save money on a package deal, but also streamline the bureaucracy by creating a single point of contact to rely on the expertise of.

4) Delivery the Crane Outside of Peak Traffic

Having the crane delivered can be a significant event in and of itself, so take the steps to reduce the associated costs. Especially for construction sites in busy urban areas, this means scheduling the delivery outside of peak traffic times. Delivering in the middle of the day means less traffic, traffic management and regulatory permits to deal with. This also gives time earlier in the day to make sure all obstacles have been removed that could hold up the process on the day. Look out for vehicles on the road, machinery or debris lying around the worksite, or even trees or power lines that haven’t been properly accounted for.

Hire a Crane in Brisbane and Gold Coast

For crane hire in Brisbane and Gold Coast that will always provide the quality and efficiency to reduce your expenses, contact Surf City Cranes today.