Choose A Telehandler For Long-Term Crane Hire

15th August 2021

Telehandlers are key when it comes to lifting and transportation of equipment at a construction site. These versatile machineries make a big difference to on-site productivity, and it’s important to make sure your workers have access to the right equipment that will create the greatest impact for their work. Dive into the diverse features and accessories of telehandlers with Surf City Cranes.

Telehandlers for Power and Manoeuvrability

For any construction site that needs to move heavy materials around the site, telehandlers can handle any weight, distance and position thrown at them.

Some telehandlers are designed for strength. So, while they may come with a smaller range of motion due to the cabin not being able to rotate, they can move the heavy loads around the worksite with ease.

Other telehandlers offer ultimate versatility, with a cabin and boom that can fully rotate even while the base remains stable, offering a full range of motion and manoeuvrability. These are the perfect machinery to lift loads in and out of difficult access points.

Accessorise the Telehandler for More

Further specialisation includes compact models, to lift heavy loads in very cramped settings such as for residential construction sites, and all-terrain access models, for worksites with uneven or unstable ground.

The range of telehandler accessories further opens up the possible uses across a wider range of tasks. Telehandlers have a telescopic vertical boom lift, to extend to reach a height, and horizontal boom, to extend across a level distance.

By choosing telehandlers outfitted with specific boom capacities, the telehandler can be customised to suit any given task on-hand. Otherwise, common attachments include forks, buckets or platforms, to allow the telehandler to load, lift, scoop or simply carry more securely.

The Ultimate Construction Machinery

Traditionally used in agriculture, telehandlers are becoming more and more common on industrial and construction sites. Telehandlers can reach places too high for a conventional forklift, so they are used to carry loads to or from rooftops and other unreachable places.

Because of their supreme versatility, hiring a telehandler can cut out the need for a mobile crane or forklift, which in turn reduces the number of machines on-site, not to mention the associated costs and paperwork. Whether moving, loading, unloading or cleaning up at a construction site, the telehandler is the one-stop-shop among heavy machinery.

How to Choose the Right Telehandler

Choosing the right telehandler means evaluating its full capacity, including its load-bearing, height and reach, turning radius, steering, tires and accessories. Take into consideration the maximum weight and distances the telehandler will need to be able to lift to, and keep in mind that the weight limit is reduced if the boom is extended to the maximum reach.

Having a smaller turning radius and four-wheel steering is important if the construction site demands more manoeuvrable, compact machinery. Meanwhile, the type of tires affects how it can handle the terrain, from solid tires for stability to pneumatic tires for best traction to foam tires that are more resistant to punctures.

Renting the Right Telehandler for You

For telehandler and mini crane hire in Brisbane and Gold Coast, contact Surf City Cranes today.