Construction Industry Myths - Debunked

28th February 2022

Construction Industry Myths – Debunked

There are many stereotypes associated with jobs in the construction industry: They are jobs of last resort, there are only jobs for men, they don’t need higher education, and there isn’t much scope for advancement. While some of these myths might be light-hearted, there are some that directly impact the entry of talent into an industry that is extremely adaptable, full of innovation, and a backbone of modern civilization and progress. Take a few moments to learn the truth about these myths with the team at Surf City Cranes.

“Construction Jobs are Not Attractive”

With high wages and job security, why would anyone think of construction jobs as jobs of last resort? They attract people for a variety of reasons, from being able to work outdoors and with machinery, to being able to build something tangible and concrete, literally.

“Construction Isn’t For Women”

Though women make up only a fraction of people in construction jobs, the government is taking action to implement policies to address gender diversity issues. The construction industry is becoming more prescient about its own shortcomings and is acting on the need to implement specific policies rather than insisting on being “gender-blind”.

“Construction Is Dangerous”

The degree of risk in construction jobs doesn’t make it any different to other jobs. Would you avoid considering a job as a regional sales representative, because getting behind the wheel of a car puts you at risk of traffic accidents? Construction technology and safety practices are continuously improving the safety record.

“Construction Is Manual Labour”

Once upon a time, the Ancient Egyptians had to drag granite slabs using ramps and sledges, over hundreds of kilometres all the way to the pyramid construction site. Luckily for us, technology has improved over the past five thousand years. Construction jobs have little to no hard manual labour, with forklifts and crane hire on Brisbane construction sites.

“Construction Doesn’t Involve Problem-Solving”

Construction jobs aren’t boring or dull. Jobs in construction are, at heart, problem-solving roles that need you to think on your feet, while navigating the pressures of constraints such as resource, personnel, time and budget. With the unique conditions of different types of construction projects, you’d be hard-pressed to find a job that doesn’t offer new challenges to solve every day.

“You Don’t Need a Degree to Work in Construction”

Many jobs on construction sites don’t need higher education, but that is only a fraction of the jobs involved. Many fields within the construction industry need tertiary education, ranging from project management to logistics. If you’re aiming for a managerial role or the C-suite, a degree will help bolster your abilities in critical analysis and strategy.

“Construction Is A Dying Industry”

Not only is the construction industry not in decline, but it is rapidly increasing. Its role as the bedrock of the Australian economy is untouched, and it is a driving force behind the country’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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