With Construction Demands Changing Quickly, Is It Time for Innovation in Crane Technology?

30th November 2021

Brisbane crane technology has remained largely the same for decades. However, Surf City Cranes is never one to sleep on progress, and as construction needs change, so much construction equipment. In Brisbane and the Gold Coast, urban spaces are becoming more crowded, so increasingly novel approaches are required to complete projects. Learn more about how innovations are helping Brisbane crane technology to adapt to the changing landscape in construction.


Quick and easy assembly is key for an urban Brisbane crane. Ideally, the crane needs as few people as possible and takes as little time as possible. Urban construction sites are small sites that have to cater to multiple streams of work, so streamlined crane assembly is important to prevent delays to other construction work happening on-site.

Self-erecting tower cranes have fewer separate parts that need on-site assembly, so they are quicker to assemble. They also need less personnel during operation, as the second signal person isn’t needed. As self-erecting models improve in capacity and reach, they can take on more types of work, replacing the luffing jib tower cranes that had previously dominated.

Compact Build

What sets urban construction sites apart is their narrow access and small size. To adapt to these conditions, Brisbane cranes are increasingly built to be compact and mobile, so they are easier to manoeuvre when navigating a crowded construction site. Mobile cranes have small overall dimensions and steer, and may come with reduced accessories to save space.

Mobile crane hire in Brisbane means less disruption in the form of site reorganisation, with all the personnel, one-way access ways and signage associated with that. Smaller, mobile cranes may also be less disruptive to traffic when they are delivered to the urban construction site, making it easier to secure the traffic permits.

Independent Travel

Urban cranes can ideally travel independently to and from the construction site. A streamlined delivery has reduced need for the accompanying retinue of crane trucks, trailers, other machinery and accessories, as well as the necessary personnel involved in loading, unloading and rigging.

For example, telescopic boom mobile cranes are ideally placed among Brisbane cranes for urban construction sites. They are legal to travel on roads, and can do so independent of counterweights, side-frames, lattice booms, jibs, and other attachments that would need to be brought in separately on trucks and trailers. By minimising the number of vehicles and the on-site assembly, it’s easier to secure the traffic permits and keep on-site operations tight.


Electric cranes don’t rely on diesel or other fossil fuels, so they produce no carbon emissions. Non-polluting cranes are important for urban construction sites, to reduce the health risk to workers and the general public. They have the added bonus of reducing contributions to climate change.

As they rely on batteries or energy supplied by the grid, non-polluting cranes are also quieter to operate, which means less noise pollution in the inner city.

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