Choosing The Right Crane For The Job

15th September 2021

With over 15 cranes in our fleet, each with its unique advantages, choosing the right one for the job can be challenging. Each of our cranes has a range of advantages that make them the best choice for specific types of construction work. Explore the range at Surf City Cranes and which Brisbane crane hire job they are best suited to.

13T City Crane

The 13T City Crane is a city model of crane, perfectly suited for Gold Coast and Brisbane crane hire for work in the city. This includes crane work for both residential and industrial construction projects in the city, such as steel erection, industrial lifts and plant maintenance.

What makes this crane model so well-suited for the inner city? The key advantages lie in its ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces, as is often the case in city construction projects. It’s also quick to make this model ready to be lifted or packed up at the end of a job, meaning minimal delays for a construction project that may be juggling tight deadlines or traffic constrictions.

Franna Crane

Ranging from 12 to 25 tonnes in capacity, the Franna articulating crane line has a long history of servicing the Australian construction industry. Its range of uses includes lift flooring, frames, trusses and roofing iron.

This articulating pick and carry crane is versatile enough to traverse unprepared surfaces, so it is well-suited for construction sites with no roads or muddy surfaces. Many of such off-road construction sites lie a distance away, making the Franna a cost-effective choice as it is very quick to travel to and from construction sites, and once on-site, they can be hooked onto a load within minutes of arrival.

Rough- and All- Terrain Cranes

Rough- or all-terrain cranes are the way to go for any construction sites with rough or unpredictable surfaces. These cranes have the heavy-duty build and off-road tyres to withstand moving over rough terrain, even in bad weather conditions that may affect surface stability. They can come in a range of sizes and capacities to suit the specific job at hand. Stabilisers allow the cranes to take on heavy loads, with some models able to take on up to 130 tonnes. Adaptable and versatile, with a rapid set-up time, this range of cranes is some of the most effective for jobs on rough terrain.

Manitou Telehandler

A versatile loader for small loads up to 3 tonnes in weight, the Manitou telehandler is best suited for lifting loads to the second or third storey. This could include assisting on a construction site or organising heavy stock in a warehouse.

The telehandler’s telescoping arm has a horizontal reach of six metres, giving it an extensive yet stable reach to difficult positions. The Manitou’s versatility arises from its unique combination of features, with a compact vehicle build sitting on large, off-road tyres, combining manoeuvrability with access to any sites under any conditions.

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