Choosing the Right Crane for Your Next Job

13th October 2017

Crane hire is more of a science than a matter of simply picking a crane. There’s a learning curve to go through, too, as anyone who’s ever hired the wrong crane can tell you. Choosing the right crane for the job requires comprehensive knowledge and experience.

The Basics

There are several fundamental issues in choosing a crane, including:


Capacity refers to the load maximum of the crane. Generally speaking, your capacity should be ABOVE that required for the job. This is the common sense approach, ensuring that you have all the lift capability you need. Be aware, if it turns out that your crane can’t do the job, you could be in big, and probably expensive, trouble.

Suitability for the Role

There are multiple potential issues regarding suitability. Can your choice of crane navigate over site terrain? Can you get access for the crane? Do you need a mobile crane, or an on-site bulk handler, or both? The tasks required are your shopping list for making the right choice.

Range of Capabilities of the Crane

This is important because some of the new cranes coming on the market, especially the mobile cranes, have varying capabilities. Take the time to really check out those capabilities because you’ll be very surprised what these new cranes can do with the right accessories. You’ll like the prices, too.

Operational Costs

Which crane can do the most at the best cost? Can you get one crane for multiple roles? Do you find that you need a mix of cranes to get the best value for your budget? You can see where this type of calculation might get tricky so make sure you perform a thorough cost analysis of your choices.

Choose Your Crane Supplier Wisely!

Your choice of cranes is naturally guided by your choice of supplier. Some crane suppliers have a limited range and some may have a very outdated range, too. Modern cranes have made leaps and bounds in technological advancements.

You need a source that can deliver in good B2B terms, offering commercially positive deals, to achieve the right mix of values for your business. Cranes are big ticket items on your balance sheet, and you need to see worthwhile business opportunities. A cost-efficient supplier is the absolute bottom-line requirement. If you compare suppliers, you’ll notice plenty of differences, both in quality of cranes and services, so choose your supplier wisely.

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