Why Should You Choose an Environmentally Friendly Crane?

21st September 2020

Why Should You Choose an Environmentally Friendly Crane Company?

The construction and manufacturing industries are notoriously harmful to the environment. The traditional way in which cranes are both manufactured and powered has triggered an ongoing discussion about the impacts on the environment, which is why some of the more responsible crane companies are trying to find ways to be a little more “green” in their day-to-day operations.

When you have a job that needs to be done, but you also want to take the eco-friendly route, you can choose a company that only rents out cranes that are more environmentally-friendly than others, such as those provided by Surf City Cranes.

Environmental concerns in the crane industry

The ongoing need for cranes and heavy machinery in development projects has proven to have a negative effect on the environment. To combat some of these concerns, modern fleets tend to be built with updated hydraulic systems and components that save energy and materials – as well as reduce the environmental impact caused by leaks from the hose.

Cranes that consume large amounts of fuel are also unsustainable, making people in the industry concerned about how their essential project is damaging the planet. If this sounds like you, you can partner with Surf City Cranes – a company that is genuinely concerned about the environment when it comes to our operating equipment.

How Surf City Cranes is doing our bit

We take a number of steps to reduce our impact on the environment. Machine maintenance is a core priority at our organisation; all of our construction equipment and even our company cars undergo regular maintenance to reduce the levels of emissions being released into the atmosphere. This isn’t only beneficial for the environment, either – it also enhances the functionality and reliability of our fleet.

In turn, we’re able to increase the number of hours worked by reducing downtime spent on repairs, as well as extending the lifespan of our vehicles.

Surf City Cranes also practises responsibility towards the waste we produce. We aim to recycle or properly dispose of all hazardous and general waste, to ensure our operations are as clean as possible and that materials are not being overused or wasted.

We’re aware of the increasing need for cleaner engines in the construction industry, and are choosing to partner with crane manufacturers that also hold the environment in high value. Engine manufacturers are using more biodiesel where possible in order to reduce harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Choose a crane company that cares

It’s never been more important for companies and individuals to honour their role in taking care of the environment – and crane companies are no exception. You can feel better about your construction or manufacturing projects by choosing a crane company that cares about the environment in the same way you do.

To find out more about our eco-friendly practices, email our team on info@surfcitycranes.com.au. We’re based in in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW, and we’d be happy to answer your questions about our operations or provide a free, no-obligation quote.