Best Crane Accessories for Your Building Site

19th October 2020

The Crane Accessories You Need on Your Building Site

Maximise the capabilities of the cranes you hire for your building site, by equipping them with the best crane accessories and ancillary equipment. Accessories, extra parts and attachments can add an element of flexibility to your vehicles, ensuring you can reach anywhere and lift anything you want.

At Surf City Cranes, we make crane hire in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW as easy as possible, providing everything you need to complete jobs efficiently and to full satisfaction. With an extensive range of accessories, you can boost the performance and functionality of your cranes. With everything available for hire and with support from our experts, you can make sure you have the cranes and equipment best suited to your site.

Popular Crane Accessories

With a wide range of crane accessories online, we’re confident we have the best tools for hire for your job. Some of the most popular ancillary equipment hired by our clients include:

  • Cargo cages – cargo cages (or flying loading bays) facilitate the fast, easy movement of cargo around a construction site.
  • Loading bays – an essential element for a range of commercial and industrial settings, a loading bay maximises convenience when moving goods in and out of the site.
  • Skip bins – skip bin hire is necessary on most construction sites, making the sorting and disposal of waste an easier process. Hiring a skip bin also helps to keep costs low; it eliminates the need to hire a truck and a person to move the waste to an external skip – something that also takes time and can eat away at productivity.
  • Pallet forks – a pallet fork is an attachment used for a variety of cranes and forklift trucks, made to carry and move loads around a site, including materials such as blocks, bricks and roofing material. We have an extensive range of pallet forks to suit your required lifting capacity.
  • Concrete kibbles – used to transfer concrete around a site using overhead cranes, we stock concrete kibbles with varied capacities for easy transfer. With a lightweight yet heavy-duty material, these versatile accessories facilitate the safe holding and pouring of concrete.
  • Spreader bars – a spreader bar is a below-the-hook lifting device that assists operators in the pick-up of large and heavy loads. By distributing the load evenly across the bars, extra stability is added to the process.

Everything you need from the right crane company

The above list of crane accessories for hire isn’t extensive – and we stock much more equipment that could help improve productivity and safety on your site.

Before diving into a big build, consider what you need to achieve. Speak to the team at Surf City Cranes in in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW to discuss any additional specific requirements you have, and we’d be happy to provide our advice on how to achieve this. Just give us a call on 0421 665 654 (toll free) or 0402 269 535 or book a free site inspection online.