5 Things to Look for in a Crane Hire Company

20th September 2016

When selecting a crane hire company, there is a range of considerations for businesses, including quality of service, quality of vehicles, hire deal values, and support services.  Please be aware that your choice of crane hire company also includes significant operational onsite management considerations.

Best Practice Business Solutions

Choosing a crane hire company involves multiple basic business considerations:

  1. Services offered – The best crane hire companies provide a full suite of professional services, from the choice of cranes through to operational needs. These services may include professional guidance regarding load handling and site management issues and practical support services where required.
  1. Consultation – Hiring cranes may involve a very broad range of tasks, depending on the nature of the work. Good crane hire services assess the requirements of the job and provide reliable advice regarding selection of cranes and accessories.
  1. Cost-efficiencies – At both the consultation stage and in terms of operational needs, crane hire services can deliver expert help with cost management. A crane can deliver excellent values onsite, speeding up work, improving handling, and helping to manage deadlines. An all-terrain crane, for example, can provide excellent on-site mobility and heavy duty lift capacity where needed, on even the most complex, busy worksites.
  1. Accessibility of support services – Best practice in crane hire services is to ensure that technical support and customer services are available whenever required. Your crane hire service should be able to provide fast support when needed, and act as a problem solver if required.
  1. Dollar values – Good crane hire services deliver upfront quotes during the consultation process. Quotes should provide clearly defined dollar values, including all services and things like crane accessories.

Quality of Service – When You Need Experts On Your Side

The other, less tangible but equally important issue is the quality of services provided by crane hire companies. You can judge the quality of services simply by talking to the experts. The leading professionals in the crane hire industry are all-round experts, able to provide practical assistance in any situation.

They can solve problems before those problems happen, and provide very useful tips regarding best practice onsite solutions for any job. Their expertise includes workplace safety, operational guidance and all-round expertise in using cranes in different workplace environments.

The value of these very practical services quickly becomes apparent. At the consultation stage, you will notice a high level of familiarity with crane selection, onsite issues and potential hazards, and other core operational needs.

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