5 Reasons to Hire an All-Terrain Crane

06th September 2016

All-terrain cranes are used in a vast range of different environments. As the name suggests, all-terrain cranes are designed to manage onsite mobility needs and navigate even difficult workspaces.

A Lot of Good Reasons to Select an All-Terrain Crane

These extremely versatile cranes have become very popular in many industries for their reliability and adaptability to different environments. The reasons for the popularity are all about practical operational requirements:

  1. Load capacity – Modern all-terrain cranes are able to manage extremely heavy loads. This is the new generation of cranes, far superior in terms of both load management and handling.
  1. Safety – The all-terrain cranes are the best-practice handling option for managing difficult loads in difficult environments. They can move extremely large loads, even in places where access is tricky or potentially dangerous for other types of vehicle.
  1. Cost-efficiency – The combination of high-load capacity and mobility makes these cranes the default choice for almost any kind of lifting operation. All-terrain cranes are able to manage and move very large amounts of material much more quickly, saving time and money. Skilled operators add additional efficiencies, improving workflow.
  1. Adaptability – The all-terrain cranes can be adapted to a very wide range of roles, using accessories which effectively give them multitasking capacities. One vehicle, in effect, can perform multiple tasks on the same site which would otherwise require multiple handling processes.
  1. Reliability – All-terrain cranes deliver consistent workflow and performance in all environments. Unlike other types of vehicle, they are able to manage high-demand work environments consistently and reliably.

The Business Values of All-Terrain Cranes

An all-terrain crane is a major asset. Operationally, it’s a do-everything vehicle for managing a very broad range of tasks. It eliminates handling costs and time used in basic processes like loading and unloading, and drastically reduces times for managing large loads and on-site positioning of loads.

You can measure the value of your all-terrain crane with standard business metrics. If you calculate the cost of alternatives, you will find that the crane delivers much lower costs for the same work. Add to this the multitasking capacity of this type of crane, and you will see that all-terrain cranes basically pay for themselves. The upfront costs of hiring an all-terrain crane deliver significantly lower costs across the board, from day one.

Choosing an All-Terrain Crane

Choosing the right all-terrain crane may involve a range of issues, depending on the work environment:

  • Terrain considerations and onsite mobility – Depending on the job, a smaller or larger crane may be appropriate.
  • Role(s) – Your crane may need to perform multiple tasks, with different accessories.
  • Load capacity – It is advisable to check with your supplier regarding load capacity needs.
  • Talk to the experts – It’s a good idea to consult with your local crane hire service to ensure that your choice of crane is appropriate for the task.

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